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Project #1: Bitcoin Address Balance Monitor (discontinued, offline)
This application will help you monitor your bitcoin addresses. To try it out, you simply click the "Create User" button without providing any other information. This will create a temporary account without any save capabilities. Add addresses by using the textboxes below the information area. Adding addresses will create an information box in the middle area that will go green when balance>=due balance.

If you enjoy the tool, you can create a 'real' user. To do this, simply remove the checkmark from the "Test account" checkbox before clicking "Create User". Now you will get a personal donation address in the box above the information area. Donate 0.005 BTC to this address, and the save-button will be enabled as soon as the blockchain sees the transaction. Remember the username ! : ) (and pass if you entered one)

Project #2: ember.js bitcoin monitor. Active !
This is a rebuild of Project #1 - Using ember.js + foundation4

Project #3: Monopoly/Tower defence game
HTML5/Canvas realtime multiplayer game (socketstream)

Project #4: angular.js bitcoin monitor. (In development, offline)
This is a rebuild of Project #1 - Using angular.js + bootstrap3

Project #5: json-rpc interface - .NET
Somewhere between a debugging tool for rpc developers, a superuser tool, and a way for beginners to better understand what is going on inside their wallet. You can create a few reports with it, import/export pk's, do a bit of address lookup, and create raw transactions. It even has an instant Satoshi Dice 50% / 0.01 button ! : ) Raw transactions are created by point-click selecting available unspents. Change and fees are automaticly calculated, and you can select a change address from the wallet (including the invisible ones) The one-click functionality creates, signs and ships your transaction (it signs without any keys). You can also do a dry run, which will pop up a text file with a json/hash log, but will omit executing the final step (send) 2013, info at orz dot dk